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Generative Trance
By Stephen Gilligan, Ph.D.
The difference between traditional hypnosis and Ericksonian hypnosis

Paradox and Spontaneity with Schizophrenic Communication
by Andrew T. Austin

Six Blind Elephants-book excerpt
by Steve Andreas
Implication - Saying Without Saying

Hope & Resiliency: Understanding the Psychotherapeutic Strategies of Milton H. Erickson
by Daniel Short PhD, Betty Alice Erickson MS LPC, and Roxanna Erickson Klein RN PhD
Chapter Two - The Human Condition

Qigong as a Portal to Presence: Cultivating the Inner Energy BodyŠ
by Gunther M. Weil, Ph.D.
in what way can this ancient art be practiced as a Portal to Presence?

Just Do It!
An Interview with Dan Millman
Dan contrasts Self-mastery with Enlightenment

By Robert Dilts
Explains both Linguistic and Epistemological Presuppositions.

By David Whyte
A poem by the incomparable Irish poet

on the Poetry of David Whyte
By D. O'Brien

Making Grace Out of Life's Disturbances
By Bradford Keeney, Ph.D.

A Brief History of Ericksonian Hypnosis
By Douglas O'Brien
What Ericksonian Hypnosis is and how it got that way

Yellow Memes, Learning III, and Explaining Explanation: How Modeling Can Save the World
By David Gordon
Keynote Address at the 2002 Canadian NLP Conference

The Power of Physical Metaphors
By Bill Baker, Ed.D.
How physical metaphors create change

Ericksonian Language Mastery Archives
By Doug O'Brien
A collection from the "Basic Training" Manual

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