Vol. 27 – July 10, 2005

Ericksonian Hypnotic Language Patterns

Language Pattern 28. The Yet set
Using “yet” at the end of a sentence or question implies that in time, whatever was missing will be supplied.

“That’s true, you haven’t mastered these skills… yet.”

“Perhaps you won’t go into the deepest level of trance, yet.”

‘Now, I know you haven’t become totally sold on this proposal… yet.”

b) “…Yet…”
Using “yet” as connecting language, particularly as a punctuational ambiguity, is a great language pattern because it can have dual meanings. It can have the same meaning as in the above examples, and it also can have a meaning synonymous with ‘and” or “but,” connecting to the next phrase.

Check out the following quote that Chris Hall attributes to Richard Bandler. According to Ms. Hall, once, as a student at one of Bandler’s early NLP trainings, she found herself confused by instructions Richard gave for an exercise. She went up to Richard to ask for clarification. This is what she reports he said:

“Well, you know that you can
sometimes feel confused and not know…yet…
continue to learn   because…
your conscious mind is very smart   and…
(etc) “

(More on Chris Hall’s outstanding work next week.)

Astute readers will surely notice the pacing and leading in that statement. Perhaps you are not quite sure, yet,   are enjoying learning more and more each week. Now, I don’t know if you are one of those who really do write out your own original examples, yet
you will…
have Fun with language. Won’t you?    NOW…

See you next week.