Vol. 26 – July 3, 2005

Ericksonian Hypnotic Language Patterns

Pattern 27. Extend Quotes
Sentences that contain more than one quote so it becomes ambiguous as to where one stops and the other begins.

“I was talking with a friend of mine who said that when she had told her colleague about this workshop she said she’d heard it was the best class on language she had ever taken.”

“Interestingly, just last week another client of mine came in, sat in that very chair that your sitting in now and said to me, ‘my mother once told me it’s not very polite to stare with your eyes wide open at another person. She said it’s always easier to listen and pay attention when you close your eyes, now.'”

And if you, like our friends in Manchester, would like to imagine a business context…

“One of my coaching clients I worked with last year said he told two other people, and he told them directly, ‘you should hire me now,’ and that each of them had told other people to seriously consider it because it is so valuable, and he knew I had limited availability.”

I think I mentioned that my good friend Michael last week told me that he downloads every new pattern every week and writes out dozens of examples that are pertinent to his own life. He said “doing this catapults you to new levels of competence” and I love hearing this and it’s thrilling to take full advantage of this opportunity.

Wont’ you? Have fun!

See you next week.