About Bradford Keeney, Ph.D.

Bradford is a psychologist who taught at universities and institutes for 28 years and has written books on family therapy that have been translated into seven languages. He spends many months each year in Africa, the Amazon, the Caribbean, and American Indian reservations visiting local people and studying their traditions of healing, even being trained as a medicine man by elders of the Bushman people in Africa's Kalahari desert. Keeney believes passionately that there is much we can learn from the planet's most overlooked cultures. As "distinguished scholar of cultural studies" for the Philadelphia-based Ringing Rocks Foundation ( he visits remote communities, takes part in their celebrations and daily lives, helps them in struggles to keep their cultures vital, and brings back to the modern world information and inspiration on how we might live with more health, more happiness, and more soul. Look for his new book, "Bushman Shaman."

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