Summer’s Eve Trance Transcript

[Hi, ______ ]

If you’re using this tape to go to sleep every night, you can use this opportunity to just put your head back on the pillow, relax, take a deep breath, exhale gently and slowly. And just to remind you of what we did on the other side of the tape, I’d like you to just imagine, for yourself, that everything that you’ve anticipated, looked forward to, planned for yourself, has come to pass. See yourself now having completed those tasks, gained the success, perhaps, that you’re looking for and see yourself a happy, fulfilled and satisfied human being. See yourself smiling, feeling good. And then you can just allow your unconscious mind to take that vision and allow it to process and set in motion any and all associations that you can. And you can tell yourself [to? You?] feel confident in the fact that your unconscious mind will create this for you. And now all you have to do is just let go and relax. You don’ t even have to listen to the sound of my voice as differentiated from the crickets. You can just let the sound of my voice be another kind of droning sound that washes over you in the same way that the cricket sounds do, and other sounds from this summer’s evening, and it might be reassuring to recognize that as you relax and drift, that your unconscious mind will be listening, paying attention, recording and utilizing any and every positive suggestion and valuable ideas, thoughts, that I offer you. That’s appropriate for you. And perhaps you can allow yourself to remember times, summer evenings gone by, remember long days as a child, summer evenings when the summer seemed to go on forever, long lazy summer nights, not a care in the world, and perhaps you can remember a time. I don’t know if you can remember a time you were at camp or something like that as a child, but you can certainly imagine for yourself, that this is one of those rare times in our lives when you have nothing that’s important right now, except to thoroughly let go and enjoy the lazy summer evening, and as you lie there it might be an interesting sensation to, on the one hand, feel yourself lying in your bed today, feel yourself relaxing and breathing, but while at the same time imagining yourself somewhere else, perhaps a long time ago, perhaps at a mountain lake, in the mountains with trees around, where you can just thoroughly enjoy the solitude and beauty of that nature. Perhaps you’re lying on a hammock. And as it swings gently back and forth you can just allow yourself to feel that rhythmic swing. A light breeze blows. [There] might be a very interesting sensation to feel yourself [inaud] your own special place while at the same time feeling yourself here in your bed listening to this recording. It’s nice to know that you can enjoy both at the same time, being there and being here. And as I count back now from five to one, you can allow yourself to drift deeper and deeper into whatever level [or/of] trance or perhaps even drift off to sleep, that’s all right, because as we continue, the conscious mind doesn’t have to do anything except drift and be comfortable, sleeping is ok, because your unconscious mind will continue to listen, even if your trance goes so deep that you drift off into sleep, your unconscious will continue to be open to these positive ideas even in a very deep trance.

Five: at number five, begin to notice and get in touch with the very calm and peaceful relaxing feeling that starts in your feet, perhaps in your toes, heels, gradually fills the entire foot, relaxes all the muscles and sinews, bones in your foot, both feet, then gradually fills the foot and moves up into the ankles, relaxing your ankles and then into your shins and calves all the way up to your knees. And as it does, you might enjoy knowing that part of your mind will remember and associate this symbol of the number five with this relaxing soothing feeling. Starting today, from this day forward, part of your mind will associate the symbol of the number five with this relaxing, soothing feeling. Now you might experience it as a heavy sensation, feeling your feet and legs kind of sinking down, into the cushions. But it would be perfectly all right to experience it as a floating sensation, feeling like you’re floating on a raft or a cloud. But it might be a warm sensation that you experience, or a cool sensation. Whatever it is for you, just enjoy that feeling now.

And then with the number four; four, now. You can allow that comfortable, soothing feeling to continue on up from your knees, on into your thighs, continuing on up as it fills your back, this relaxing, soothing sensation, then your hips, and your back, muscles throughout your groin and all the way up to your waist, and the number four can be associated with this relaxing feeling that floods this part of your body more and more every breath, and any time you [hear] the number four, or write the number four, or see, hear, dial the number four, part of your mind will associate that symbol with this relaxing, soothing sensation that fills every bone and every muscle, every fiber, all the way down to the cellular level so there’s a complete absence of stress, letting go of any tension completely relaxing now from your knees all the way up to your hips and waist

Three. Now allowing that sensation to continue up to the muscles of your lower back, [filling/feeling?] gradually your entire back, letting go of those large muscles along the spine, vertebrae by vertebrae [through?]the entire back, and if it feels like your back is lengthening, widening, this happens, that’s perfectly natural and just enjoy that sensation as a relaxing sensation that also moves into the muscles of your stomach and abdomen, relaxing and releasing them and into your chest, gradually filling your entire torso.

And then with the number two, you can allow that sensation to move into your shoulders, relaxing and releasing those muscles in your shoulders, letting go of the tension that sometimes [inaud] you can let go now. Now as the trapezius muscle(s) relaxes you might feel like your shoulders are widening, perhaps moving away from one another, and that’s perfectly natural sensation, just enjoy that, as that relaxing sensation now moves down your shoulders to your upper arms and down into your elbows and forearms and your wrists, hands, and just like when you take a nice hot shower and that wonderful soothing water cascades down your back and arms and drips off the ends of your fingers, so too you can just allow any tension and stress to drip away.

And then with the number one, you can allow that relaxing feeling to now move into your neck and throat, relaxing those muscles there, and if you feel a need to swallow, that’s all right, as that relaxing feeling fills your neck, releasing all the muscles up, now entering the occipital joint where your neck meets your head, perhaps your head begins to feel like it’s floating up and away from the body as the tension releases. Just enjoy that as that relaxing feeling up the back of your head and up into the top of your head and down into your forehead and temples, cheeks and jaws relax, [inaud] might notice a calm, peaceful state of mind. Number one is associated in your mind. That soothing feeling fills your whole head [inaud] fill your whole body and just allow yourself to be there perhaps as I said in the hammock or the bed or anywhere else where you feel totally relaxed and comfortable and just allow yourself to drift deeper and deeper with every breath. With every breath you inhale you relax a little bit more, with every breath as you exhale you relax a little more deeply. But no matter how deeply you relax, might be reassuring to recognize that a part of your mind will be monitoring all these suggestions making them available for you. Nice to know that your unconscious mind has all the resources inside when you have a need to accomplish those outcomes that you have for yourself and you deserve that you’re entitled to and can enjoy the process of creating and expanding and now you can just let yourself drift deeper and deeper allow yourself to be carried away on sounds and as you continue to drift, might be reassuring to recognize that there are now bad parts of your mind, and all parts of us want us to be a happy, healthy, fully functioning human being, and there are parts that might be somewhat out of date and could certainly use being updated, but all parts have positive intentions, and all parts want us to be fulfilled. And you might not have noticed exactly how there’s a benefit in everything that happens; you may be aware that everything that happens has a benefit which theoretically [inaud] know that to be true, but perhaps you haven’t really experienced that for yourself yet. You may wonder how that’s going to manifest for you. One could find that sometimes it requires some doing, some daily efforts, because after all, Rome wasn’t built in a day. And the more you practice [inaud] some new activity the more you create the muscle memory for repeating that movement, activity again, builds strength and association because the body really enjoys repetition in a variety of ways. You might find that, [inaud] suddenly be surprised to have already accomplished what you set out to do, suddenly somehow all your resources have been marshaled on your behalf and aligned for the purpose of creating that goal. Maybe you’ll be delightfully surprised to find that it’s already been accomplished, sometime in the near future, when you hadn’t even noticed until you suddenly stop and look back at how far you’ve come and then the one time on a summer’s day when I was rowing a boat across lake at camp, while it seemed like I could get to the camp on the other side quite easily when I set out, after I rowed and rowed and rowed for quite a long time , it seemed like forever I must say, I stopped and looked back over my shoulder, and it didn’t look like I’d gotten any close r at all to my destination, but I knew I had because where I’d been was now so far away.

And just for a moment I must admit I was also just a little disconcerted to recognize that I’d worked so long and so hard and it didn’t seem like I was any closer and here I was in the middle of a lake. But I didn’t [inaud], I just continued, and little by little I got closer and closer to the other side, until finally I did arrive there. And a person can learn to move steadily, to move quickly, a person can learn in a variety of ways, even when you’re sleeping, even when you’re dreaming, and perhaps tonight when you dream your unconscious mind will find all the resources inside that you have [from/for] your own benefit. But I don’t know [inaud] delightful dreams, or perhaps your dreams will seem rather normal; perhaps you won’t even remember your dreams at all, and that will be a sign that all of these changes and ideas and thoughts that you’ve offered for yourself are being integrated at the deepest level of your conscious and your unconscious mind, and you may not know if [if?] you’ve dreamt but you are able to incorporate these learnings and to wake up tomorrow refreshed, rejuvenated, restored and you never need be concerned using this tape or this process to go to sleep with at night because as you’re aware, you’re aware, if something were to happen that were to require your attention, you’d be immediately aware enough to take care of it and then just go back to bed, put your head back on the pillow and remember those numbers: five, four, three… with a little bit of practice, you might find that you never do reach two or one, and it becomes exciting to know that you and your unconscious mind are congruently working together for your benefit and that you can be friends knowing that you’re on the same team and right now if you so desire to rouse yourself up just enough to turnoff the tape recorder and just come back to bed and once again remember those numbers: five, four, three, two, one. Just let yourself drift… drift

So. Beginning now, this first little experience, why don’t you just settle back someplace where you can be very comfortable. It could be a lounge chair, or bed, or just any old kind of place where you can relax and release all tensions. Take a few deep breaths, and go ahead and close your eyes, and if it’s an anchor for you, you can go ahead and just roll your eyes up toward the top of your head until you feel that eye strain. And then begin the process of just not thinking, not doing anything except just breathing, and this process begins and the music [inaud] matrix [inaud] you can just relax, deeper and deeper, letting the sounds of my voice, [inaud] the sounds of the music, music of nature, birds singing, music of crickets, and bullfinches, I don’t know if butterflies really have audible sounds of their wings flapping, but if they did, you can imagine that you can also hear it at least in your imagination. And as you proceed throughout this experience, you can just allow yourself to drift comfortably. see yourself in a beautiful mountain meadow, perhaps, a meadow [inaud] around it and some hills and windflowers. It’s one of those beautiful days when the sky is clear [inaud] big white puffy clouds somewhere darting by, some hills, distant buildings, cottages, maybe even a gentle creek drifting by, and you can just allow yourself now to just really feel yourself drifting [inaud] relax and let go, perhaps as you find yourself in this meadow you can imagine that you’re finding a place to relax, perhaps a beach blanket or towel, a hammock or even a lounge chair that you can relax in now. And with every breath just relax more and more. It’s nice to know really that your unconscious mind had the ability to relax completely. You can feel this sense of relaxation flowing throughout your body. Every breath that you inhale you can breathe more clear country air [inaud] that kind of fresh air that feels like it’s almost [inaud – in the?] beginning of time, that this must have been the way it was, before there [was] any sort of pollution, or any sort of hazards of any kind, it’s just pure nature [inaud] breath, the air has life in it, and as you inhale you feel yourself being revitalized [inaud] the quality of the charge to the air as you inhale you can feel I throughout hour lungs and as you exhale you fell it surging, moving throughout your body, bringing certainly oxygen, but also the charge of that air to every cell in your body, and it’s nice to know that you can relax deeply the same time that you fan feel this energetic charge to every cell in your body that you can enjoy both at the same time, that as it surges through your body you can just relax and let it happen, that all you do is breathe in, and breathe out, lying back, relaxing, and it kind of just happens to you, and you can feel an almost tingly sensation throughout your body, [inaud] you breathe in, you breathe out, and the warmth of the sun as it shines down from above warms every part of your body while at the same time you can enjoy a nice cool breeze. It’s nice to know that you can enjoy both at the same time, nice to know that your unconscious mind really has that ability to appreciate both at the same time. Like right now you can really be there in that beautiful mountain meadow, while at the same time you can be aware that you’re here where you are, listening to this tape, of course, nice to know that you can enjoy both at the same time, that while you’re there [inaud] consciously, drifting deeper and deeper with every breath and feel that tingly sensation throughout your body as your body really does revitalize and restore and energize every part of your body and mind, and at the same time be aware of the things around you here today that require your unconscious mind is working on those things and while you’re there consciously enjoying the beauty of that mountain meadow, your unconscious mind is bringing up all the resources, references and learnings that are required for you to really be able to have all the clarity and intelligence to understand the accumulated wisdom of many years of life experience right there at your fingertips right here and now so that when you wake up from this experience you will be bright-eyed, bushy-tailed, revitalized, restored as if you’ve been on vacation for a long time, you really have that [inaud] of clarity that comes from getting that sense of perspective, that little sense of distance from the situation and you can allow the process to happen even while you just sit back and breathe feeling that fresh air that mountain crisp clean air breathing in breathing out knowing that your body’s releasing all toxins all tensions and all stresses as you just breathe, breathe, and relax, breathe and relax in the sounds of nature and the sounds of birds, just cause you to remember that you are part of nature, you are as natural as sunshine, you are as natural as [inaud] a bird, lion, bear, butterfly, you are a part of all this creation and you can allow that natural process and ability that you have to revitalize and restore through deep relaxation now take place inside you naturally, it’s your right, it’s your God-given ability to relax and let go and allow these natural processes you have of healing and restoration to take place now. And as these sounds of nature roll through your body and permeate every cell of your body for the next one or two minutes of clock time you can just allow that process and integration to happen. You don’t even have to listen to all of these sounds consciously, just let them be like a wave or breeze [going? Blowing?] past while you drift, drift. [LONG PAUSE WITH BIRD SONGS] Yes. Right there. And now you can begin the process of returning to your natural waking state, returning wide-eyed, refreshed, bushy-tailed, feeling like you’ve really been through this restorative process, really been on a mini-vacation. You really do feel refreshed now as you wake up more and more [then?] don’t open your eyes completely until you’re really ready to see this world you’re in now. [inaud] new ways of seeing feeling, responding, that’s right, all the way back. Welcome back!

All right. And now, find yourself in a relaxed, comfortable position, perhaps in a lounge chair or bed, some place where you can settle back entirely and relax [inaud] and take a few deep breaths, [exhale?]. With your eyes closed just roll your eyes up towards the top of your head until you feel that eyestrain. You let go of your eyes and forget about your breathing, just allow yourself to relax. Now I’d like you to imagine being at some beautiful, tropical seaside kind of resort, a place where you’ve gone for total rejuvenation. A spa – a place that’s taking care of all of your needs, so you can just completely give yourself over to relaxing, rejuvenating, pampering yourself. In fact now, you’re about to get a massage, not just any massage, but one right out by the shore in a sort of covered verandah. You’ll be able to hear the ocean and the massage therapist will use not only hot oils, but also some very special techniques that really bring about healing on a very deep level. So. Now. Imagine that you’re lying there on a massage table. It’s one of those incredible times when [the warmth of the?] the air, the warmth of the sun, [inaud] the ideal temperature where you can feel totally relaxed and comfortable just in a swimsuit, or nothing at all, if you prefer. And you’re lying on the massage table just a towel over you [inaud] soft breezes blow, allowing you to relax even more, because whatever work there is is perfectly balanced because soft tropical breezes. And as you lie there your massage therapist enters and begins to rub some warm oil on your hands and then begins to apply that oil and those hands to your shoulders starting very easily but firmly and knowingly to the muscles of your shoulders. And as you feel this delightful sensation and you feel those warm hands knowingly rubbing the [knobs? Knots?] of your shoulders, you feel that relaxation begin to really fill your body because as the initial wave of release of tension flows through you it’s almost like a signal goes off in your body, almost like a series of dominoes that for every muscle in your body [inaud] just go ahead and start relaxing now, it’s time, and eventually you’ll give yourself over entirely, you will surrender fully to all of these feelings, and you might even find yourself drifting so that you might not even remember the passage of time. As your massage therapist moves down your shoulders, and down your upper arms, massaging your triceps and biceps of your arms, perhaps take one arm at a time in both hands working one arm, and as you work down your forearms, and then your wrists, and hand, and linger a while on the hand, massaging all over on the muscles between the bones, [inaud] use accupressure and reflexology points there to release tensions throughout the whole body to bring healing throughout the whole body. Now I wonder if you can imagine what it would be like if this person that now only knew about musculature and massage therapy exquisitely well, but also had in their hands an energy feeling that some people might refer to as Reiki and universal energy, but it’s an energy that heals like therapeutic touch and laying on of hands that just by having their hands on you, not only are they bringing warmth and relaxation of the muscles, but they’re bringing a healing energy now to every cell in your body, as they put their hands on your hands, and they put their hands on your shoulders, as they lay their hands along your spine, vertebrae by vertebrae releasing all of the muscles that are there, they’re also bringing this healing energy, and you might imagine it as a kind of light that might be a particular color that you find to be healing, that’s healing and warming for you. Now I don’t know if that would be white light, or a purple light, a green light, but you can just let go and give over to the feeling of being healed now so that every muscle in your body is being rejuvenated , being restored to full vitality and youthfulness, that every cell in your body right now is truly being healed, and then your [the] massage therapist begins on your upper shoulder of your other arm and massages down upper arm, biceps and triceps of this arm now, and down your elbow[s] and your forearm and now to your wrist and your hand and your fingers and again, massaging all over your muscles in the places between your bones, and knowingly pressing the reflexology points that brings that healing to all other parts of your body. It’s an amazing thing that [all? On?] the hands and feet of every human being has all the points that an acupuncturist might use to bring healing to other parts of the body. [But? That?] you can feel that same kind of release and healing being brought to your body [inaud] the use of touch and pressure and rubbing. And as the massage therapist now returns to your back and releases all the muscles along the back, the large muscles might find that [inaud] massage very deeply – or not depending on what’s just right for you. But every muscle in your back releases now an is warmed with this warm oil that almost feels as if the warm oil is penetrating the inside of your body, almost as if your body’s being lubricated [inaud- and coated?] from the inside. Now I wonder what that would feel like to have the skin boundaries of your body coated with this warm healing oil. And then the massage therapist works down to your hips in a very appropriate, positive way, works down to your buttocks muscles, the maximus gluteus and then down to your thighs relaxing all the muscles there, and the muscles of your calves, feel that exquisite pain, that tension you feel at first, and then the release and it feels more and more comfortable with every stroke and rub, and just like with the hands, they massage down to your ankles and through your feet, [inaud] massage all the muscles that are there, and at the same time, release all those special points that have connections, meridians through every part of your body now. [inaud] your heart, your lungs, your spleen your gallbladder, kidneys, your liver, stomach, your intestines, your colon, glandular system, pituitary, pineal, every single part of your body is being stimulated at the same time as it’s being totally relaxed and comforted. And you can just let go now because you know you’re in thoroughly safe, sure hands. And you can let go entirely. You might want to take a deep breath as you relax deeply now, you might notice the exquisite feelings of release of tension throughout your body. Now. A friend of mine once told me that at a special clinic for healing in a very ayurvedic way they did a massage that entailed pouring warm oil very gently over the forehead, so that if you were to imagine that you’re lying on your back, face up, and that massage therapist took a small [inaud] warmed oil just the right temperature maybe a degree or two just above your skin temperature so it feels just slightly warm but warm and just gently begins to pour that oil right in the middle of your forehead, and you feel it running down the sides of your head and the top of your head and you feel it drifting and raining and dripping down the sides of your whole head and you just feel your whole head relax[ing] now and your whole head has been coated with this warm incredible oil, massage therapist with you lying on your back very gently, very safely, gently touches the places on your head, perhaps around your temples and the back o f your head where your neck meets your head where you release the tension, [would?] just let it all go, it might even feel like [the?] melting [inaud] deliciously melting, let go and you almost feel as if you are becoming like that oil, the pool running down, no tension at all, becoming a pool of warm oil. And you know the person getting a massage like this is totally able to let go so completely that they drift down, to a place beyond which they’ve experienced before, letting go so deeply, don’t even remember the passage of time. Then you can take some time now, all the time in the world, in [tournament?] and just drift. And when it’s appropriate, when you’re ready, you can begin to wake up now. Going back, fully refreshed and vitalized, all the way back, gently returning to full waking consciousness, little by little until you’re fully, widely awake, coming [all?] the way back, returning – as if you’ve been on a vacation that was just the best thing you