Time(line) For A Change

Time(line) For A Change
A script for letting go of unhealthy eating habits
To begin
Imagine all the events
Of your life
Stretched out in chronological order
All a long a long time line
Notice where that is for you
Notice in which direction your past stretches out
You may have to look behind you
Many people feel very comfortable
With their past behind them
Then imagine all the things you desire
To have happen
All the things you plan to do
Along a time line
Stretched out into the future
Notice where that is
Is your future in front of you?
Does it go our to your right?
That’s OK
Whatever it is
Just notice
Then notice how the past time line
And the future time line
Join together
Right where you are now
Right now
And that now is the pivot point
Now is the point
Between the past and the future
And the point is… that now
You make the choices
That create the future
The past does not equal the future
And you know that
Now… with that
Awareness of your time line
Stop for a moment
And sit back – in your mind
And just be here, now
And imagine that
In a moment
You’re going to go forth
Or you could choose to go first
Into your future
Imagine you have goals
You really want
Ones that you know
Are good for you
And you want them for yourself
You desire them
And you deserve them
But as you go into the future
Something from the past
Is dragging you back
Preventing you from
Moving freely
Restricting you
Stopping you
So – you stop and look back
And notice that you have ties
To the past
And as you follow those ties back
They lead to unexpected sources
Or maybe not so unexpected…
Loved ones
People, places, and things you love
Family members
Precious events
Moments you cherish
People and moments you have associated
With food and love and drink and belonging
And you love these people
You love these moments
And now you begin to realize
That you can keep these moments
Keep these emotional bonds to these people
Keep the love
And RELEASE the association
To food and drink
You CAN let go
Of the ties that bind you
To those past representations
So you can still feel the attachment to your loved ones
Still feel attachment to your special moments
And let go of the binds
To overeating and over indulging
You don’t need them
You can be you
Fully and completely
With your own
Personal life goals
And still have loving
Connections with people
While you let go
Of old patterns of
Behaving and thinking
And believing
And move on
To new ways
That are constructive
Valuable and appropriate
For you now
And from now on
So you take a moment
With those loved ones
Hug them, kiss them, touch them
And lovingly reassure them
You aren’t leaving THEM
You are leaving the false associations
To the food and drink
Remove those shackles
That have held you back
You are free
The past is over
It IS a source of resources
Of learning and lessons and experience
And choices you made in the past
Brought you to where you are today
But what you do now, today,
Creates your tomorrow
The choices you make
And actions you take create your future,
Don’t they?
Won’t you?
Make better choices now
Haven’t you?
Already begun
To see that
You can… float up
Over your time line
And see yourself
Down there in the present
See the past stretch out
In one direction
And the future stretch out
In the other
It’s pretty cool, isn’t it?
Feels good
It’s uplifting
To get a sense of perspective
Of your life
And you see more and more clearly
As you comfortably float up
Just high enough
Now float forward in time a week
And see yourself there
Doing those things
You’ve elected to do
For you
Eating those healthy foods
And discovering how much
You like them
How satisfying they are
You see yourself
Slowing down as you eat
And enjoying it more
You see yourself exercising
Listening to trance CDs
Staying focused
Staying aware
Taking control of your life
In a variety of ways
Float forward another week
And see things getting even better
You’re learning
To love it
To really feel that sense
Of satisfaction and pride
Moreover you feel healthier
More alive
More energy
In your body
In your mind
And continue to float forward
In time
Day by day, week by week
Month by month
Til it’s a whole year in the future
And for a moment
Float down, into your body
A year into the future
And feel how good it feels
To be fit and trim
To be healthy, vital and alive
And looking back
How very much you’ve enjoyed the process
How very connected you still feel
To your loved ones and cherished moments
Of the past
Knowing how very proud of you
They all are
Or some maybe not
And that’s OK too
They can have their feelings
If they want
And so can you
Notice how very proud you are
Of yourself
The feeling of being free
And how strongly these new patterns
Have become integrated
Into the deepest part of your conscious
And your unconscious mind
Its just who you are now
You are fit and trim
You are strong
You are free
And connected
It’s nice you know
You can enjoy both at the same time
And feel good
As you float back up over your time line and notice that
As far forward as you care to float
Its there
And then
When you’re ready
Begin to reorient back to now
Floating all the way back to here
Don’t open your eyes
Until you’re ready to see yourself
As already having begun
To realize that this is the first day
Of the rest of your life
And how good that feels
Knowing you have all the resources you need
To become the person you really are
And to start that journey

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