Metaphoric Suggestions for Changing Patterns

“Metaphoric Suggestions for Changing Patterns”
Facilitating Learning New Patterns (behaviors).

And as you continue to drift
it might be reassuring to recognize
that there is a part of your mind
that knows how to learn
even without knowing that it’s learning
which may not make sense
to your conscious mind
and that’s all right
because those parts of your mind
beyond your conscious awareness
are perfectly comfortable
with this awareness
just like the very first time
you set about learning to walk
it was tricky at first
but you learned
without even knowing how you learned
or learning to count
the fingers on one hand
and at one point you may not have even been aware
that that hand was your hand
but it was
and you learned that you can count the fingers
your fingers
one at a time
and they add up to five
five on each hand
makes ten
and you also had ten toes
didn’t you
and you learned that
so     pretty soon
you just knew that
without even thinking about it
when you learned to ride a bike
it didn’t seem, at first, even possible
all those things to be aware of
all at the same time
finding that balance
it wasn’t easy
especially for that conscious part of your mind
until it began to constellate
in your mind and body
and you learned
to put it all together
as one complete action
and now today you can just get on a bike
and go
just like that
well it’s nice to know
that that part of your mind
is still with you
here and now
and can learn new ways of thinking
new ways of feeling
because the patterns of living
that we all do
are just that
and you really can
let go of the old way
and quickly and easily
learn whole new ways of being
new ways of responding
and really enjoy
discovering that
it is as easy as 1, 2, 3
one step at a time

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