Vol. 50 – December 18, 2005

Ericksonian Hypnotic Language Patterns

Volume 50. Delivery – putting it all together
If you speak only on your client’s exhalation, not only do you pace them exquisitely and maintain a deep sense of rapport, you also create a natural rhythm to your delivery. This rhythm is a great, perhaps the best, other-than-conscious trance inducer. Moreover it provides you, the speaker, with wonderful opportunities for using your verbal skills, punctuational ambiguities, phonological ambiguities, embedded commands, etc. etc. Throw in the use of conjunctions like Chris Hall and you’ve got something.

This following is not meant to be a great example of the art of language patterns, but simply to demonstrate the rhythmic aspects of the delivery.

And as you drift even deeper
and deeper into that nice,
trance    state
of awareness becomes focused
on that growing sensation in
one . . . of your hands or
two . . .
three . . . drifting
four . . . you know that
five . . . this is that same feeling
you know,
you know so well    you feel
so comfortable feeling this feeling
of comfort
of ease    because
you know it’s    you’re feeling
in trance, aren’t you?
already enjoying the process
of learning even while
you may not even know
what it is that
you are learning , yet
you are and    that
is nice to know, isn’t it
all right to let go and let
you’re unconscious
mind take care of that
for you    now
even as your conscious mind
continues drifting unconsciously
That’s all right…. (etc.)

Happy Holidays. See you next year.
-Doug O’Brien

Copyright (C) 2005