Vol. 45 – November 13, 2005

Ericksonian Hypnotic Language Patterns

Reverse Meta Model
In NLP the “meta model” is Bandler and Grinder’s name for the wellformedness conditions of the surface structure of the English language*. (*See their book “The Structure of Magic.”) In Hypnosis we sometimes chose to deliberately violate these wellformedness conditions (“reversing the meta model”) in order to be purposefully and artfully vague.

Volume 45. “Structure of Magic” Presuppositions 16 – 20.
Bandler and Grinder’s book, “The Structure of Magic” is a treasure trove of incredibly useful presuppositions. We are bringing them to you in summary.

16. Change of State Verbs

(change, transform, turn into, become)
Often, by changing one small behavior, you can transform the entire gestalt.

17. Change of Place Verbs

(come, go, leave, depart, enter)
If I’ve gone when you arrive, you can enter through the side door.

18. Stressed Sentences

(voice stress)
I’m especially impressed at the FANTASTIC breakthroughs you’ve made.

19. Counterfactual Conditional Clauses

(verbs having subjective tense)
If you had taken this class before, you might be in a class by yourself.

20. Contrary to Expectation

If you should happen to not get this the first time, you can join the club.

I hope you’ll take some time with these and really figure out and understand what they are all about. It’s worth it. If you had been writing out your own examples of these language patterns and using them with people, then you’d know it’s the best way to gain proficiency. Enjoy doing that with this week’s additions, won’t you?

See you next week.

Have fun!