Vol. 22 – June 5, 2005

Ericksonian Hypnotic Language Patterns

Pattern 23. Cause and Effect
(Note: This pattern also falls into the category of “Single Binds” in that you are linking one cause to one effect as the only possibility.)

In these variations:

A. (X) causes (Y)
“Listening to my voice causes you to go into trance.”

B. The more you (X), the more you (Y).
“The more you listen to my voice, the deeper you’ll go into trance.”

C. The less you (X), the less you’ll (Y).
“The less you listen, the less you’ll learn.”

D. The more you (X) the less you’ll (Y).
“The more you talk, the less you’ll hear.”

E. The less you (X) the more you’ll (Y).
“The less you talk, the more you’ll learn.”

And you can chain them…

“The more you review these patterns, the more they make sense to you. If they make sense to you, then you’ll be more effective as a communicator. Being a more effective communicator causes you to become wealthier as a person.”

And the more you write out your own examples, the more deeply you integrate your ability to use them in real life.

And have fun!

See you next week.