Vol. 17 – May 2, 2005

Ericksonian Hypnotic Language Patterns

Ambiguities are words or phrases that can have more than one meaning. The mild confusion that results is conducive to developing trance. Over the next four weeks we’ll be covering four different categories of ambiguities. This will give you ample time and opportunity to practice and work towards mastering them all.

My friend John LaValle sometimes jokingly refers to the first category as “funny-logical” ambiguities. Great example right there, isn’t it?

Pattern 18. Phonological Ambiguities
Words that sound the same but have different meanings and can be used in very different ways. (e.g.: not/knot, here/hear, see/sea, right/write, etc.)

“I have a knot question. Will you not progress faster by sailing at 20 knots rather than railing about how you should not sail at all? Do you know knots or do you know not?”

“I can hear the sea in this shell. Can you see this shell here?”

“… and as you listen to my voice… and relax your thoughts… exercise your right… to just listen… right here… right now… to that that is right… for you… too… hear… the words that… it would be all right… to write down… all those thoughts… that are all right… for you… right down to your bones…” (etc.)

And, you know, it would be all right for you to write and practice these patterns every day, because you want to master these skills, right?

OK! Now you can really have fun with these “funny-logical” patterns, won’t you? See you next week.